Proposed Bylaws changes and the 2019 slate of officers are available and will be voted on at the October 3 General Meeting.

The September/October edition of the newsletter is available.

Although corrected in the posted newsletter, an earlier issue of the Rossmoor Democrats incorrectly listed the October 17 event as a Thursday. That has been corrected to Wednesday, October 17.

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Only major events are listed below. See the calendar for additional events and details. Check Democratic Clubs' Events and Political Events for other activities. A full list of all of our organizational meetings is also available.

Want to help?

Read about our phone and text banks on the Event Calendar. Text Counts for the 25 weeks since we started tracking: 580,288 texts with a high of 105,266 in one week and 36 texters. Our September focus will be on volunteers to fill phone and text bank events across the U.S. The October focus will be on voters to Get Out The Vote.

 Democrats of Rossmoor members and board members at Todos Santos Plaza on June 30 protesting separation of families

Democrats of Rossmoor members and board members at Todos Santos Plaza on June 30 protesting separation of families

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About Us

The Democrats of Rossmoor Club was established in 1966. Chartered by the Democratic Party of Contra Costa County Central Committee, we are the largest Democratic club in California. With over 800 members, we are also the largest sanctioned club in the active senior community of Rossmoor in Walnut Creek, California.

We are an activist, non-PAC organization committed to:

  • Providing educational forums for our members that include speakers, workshops, live satellite feeds, and other activities

  • Supporting local, state, and national Democratic candidates through phone and texting banks, get-out-the-vote efforts, and speaker events

  • Supporting programs that further Democratic principles, including projects to support public education, voter registration, and political activism

  • Offering other forums throughout the year for members to study issues, share ideas, and gather together for fun and fellowship, both within Rossmoor and with other Democratic clubs in central Contra Costa County

Our club thrives because members discover personal and social satisfaction working with other capable Democrats to support causes and candidates. We also derive satisfaction from working actively to get our country back on the road to peace, prosperity, affordable heath care, and protection of the environment.